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Flaunt yourself Finishing school has taught me valuable skills to help me develop into a woman that strives for excellence in this competitive world, while still maintaining the feminine essence of a woman.

At the start of the program, we learnt the importance of setting goals, because you cannot get to your destination if you do not know where you are going. We also learnt about the power of a vision board. I am happy to say that with the 6 months of attending the weekly sessions, two of my goals were achieved.

Before joining Flaunt, the thought of public speaking was daunting to me. The public speaking module boosted my  self -confidence to such an extent that I now present to corporates. If you are part of our rare and unique circle of women that knows they are destined for more than the life of an average person, Flaunt Yourself Finishing School is the answer for you. The passion that Kavita has for her finishing school has inspired me to be the best that I can be.

– Narushka Pillay




Flaunt yourself has helped us discover our dreams and watch not only ourselves but the beautiful ladies we got to experience this journey with grow and to achieve and succeed in the dreams and goals we had set. We got to have a night were we could relax and learn and travel in change together and help keep each other motivated and we have made friends we will never forget and we have learned a lot through this process. We have all become wonderful Ladies of this world; all of this is Thanks to Kavita and Flaunt Yourself.

– Rachel Fouche





When I first heard about the finishing school classes that Kavita was going to offer, I jumped at the opportunity as I felt that I needed a change in my life and found that the topics she was going to cover were things that I was really interested in. Once I started classes, I don’t ever regret making this decision. I actually found out that I was expecting very soon after starting classes but that didn’t deter me from carrying on.

Tuesday evenings have become something that I look forward to every week without fail and I am truly glad that I joined. I feel like I have learnt some valuable lessons and definitely make more of an effort with myself these days. I loved the make-up tutorial, finding my dress personality and the baking class. I also liked the spiritual aspect of bettering one’s life and I absolutely adored the vision board exercise.  

I also met some lovely ladies and made new friends. I am unquestionably going to make a concerted effort to carry all that I have learnt in to my day to day living and continuously learn to be better at everything that I do.  All in all I would recommend these classes for any woman needing a refreshing new take on life! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity Kavita. 

– Kovanya Moodley


nishthaHow Flaunt Yourself Finishing School changed my life …
I used to be a very quiet and shy girl. I never looked forward to school speeches and partaking in drama. I would always get butterflies in my stomach. 

Ever since I joined Flaunt Yourself , I have become more confident. I present my speeches with more confidence and enjoy drama. I got to know myself better and see my goals clearly. I learnt to sit, walk and talk like a lady. We had many fun practical activities where I learnt how to apply make-up and cook.

We also learnt about nutrition and how to take care of our skin and body. My favorite part was learning about wardrobe planning, interior decorating, gemstones, dance and high/low tea. I had loads of fun and learnt a lot. I really like the new me.

Thank you Flaunt Yourself for giving me this opportunity to learn and be a more confident person.

– Nishtha Bhagwan



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